Cutting Shapes – Texture – Part 2

Last time we were cutting shapes in meshes, but the performance of it was mediocre at best, and let’s not start on limitations of it. This time we will check how we can do it by using textures.

My guess here is that by making cuts in texture, we will get better performance. I also hope results that we will be able to present using texture rather than mesh cutting will be better as well.

But that’s a theory, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s check it!

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Custom ScriptableWizard in Unity

When I was approaching making “Replace Tool for Level Designers” I encounter ScriptableWizard. I didn’t know that such a thing existed in Unity! 😱

It got me curious as I was planning to make that tool using regular Custom Editor Window, but all of a sudden, there was space to try something new! Unfortunately, I didn’t use ScriptableWizard as it wasn’t suited for what I wanted.

But I think it’s time to revisit it and learn more about it!

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Understanding OnTrigger methods in Unity

Let’s talk about OnTrigger methods in Unity! Do you know when they are invoked or for what you can use them? Let’s see in this post! 🔥

In one of the recent posts, we spoke about OnCollision methods and the fact that Unity has two separate physics engines.

Of course, like with collisions, there are different trigger methods for the 2D and the 3D engines. For 3D there are OnTriggerEnter(), OnTriggerStay() and OnTriggerExit() methods. For 2D there are almost the same OnTriggerEnter2D(), OnTriggerStay2D() and OnTriggerExit2D() methods.

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