How I landed my first job as Unity Developer

There is a lot of young people wanting to get into the game industry. Maybe even you are one of them! I was! And like everyone else I needed to start somewhere!

Who cares about finals? ?

Back in 2012, when I was in the last class in high school, I should have to prepare for finals, but I had something completely different in my mind. ?

Night Of The Culture 2014
Night Of The Culture 2014 – Lublin Poland

That thing was “making games”. It was occupying my brain so much that after coming back home from school, I was looking around on the web for any available information about game engines. I was obsessed about that, and I bookmarked over 15 of game engines, and probably over 80 articles related to making games or game engines. But I had a problem. I found so many information that I couldn’t decide which one I want to use! ?

I was paralyzed by an abundance of options, so much that it took me months until I started doing anything! By that time I got to the university, and I started attending one of the student groups there. Luckily for me, one day I saw job offer there for Unity Developer, and I was in heaven! I’ve sent DM, and I get invited for the interview! ?

But then I realize one little problem. Besides reading about all these games engines and making console applications on this student group I didn’t know much about Unity nor making games in it! ?

Believe me, it was the most stressful week of my life! I’ve started reading anything available to me how to program in C#. And you have to know that I hated reading books in high school. But somehow I manage to go through whole C# bible in that week! I’m still proud of myself because of that! ?

But I was still completely fresh into this whole programming thing, so I didn’t try to pretend that I know all stuff in the world. But I get unbelievable lucky. Like I still don’t get it.

Interview Time

My FIRST interview for a job was like that:
L: Hey, do you know how to program in C#?
Me: Hey, a little bit, I made a few console applications at student group.
L: Oh okay. How about programming in Unity?
Me: Weeeellllllll… I know what it is…
L: Cool! I’ll teach you how to make games!
Me: ?????????????????????

Like… Whaaaaaaaaaat?! What just happened?!

I didn’t want to ask that question. I was afraid that he might change his mind. Luckily I kept it for next year and a half. ?

I’ve learned a lot during that time! ?‍?
I’ve launched my first mobile game! ?
I get my first game review! ?
First time I attended a programming contest! ?
I’ve made the first multiplatform multiplayer game! ???
And in the meantime, we’ve launched the Lublin GameDev group. ❤️

Cool times of Pixel Frog ?❤️

Would this work again? I highly doubt it ?

So what I would recommend doing?
There are a few things that you can do right now!

Pick whichever tool you have and make a simple game! ?

Or if you want to have a longer explanation, you can watch the presentation that I gave at IGDA Las Vegas. ?

Whichever path you will choose, you have to start doing things! Good Luck! ?

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