Global Game Jam Stories and Me

Yes! I finally got it! So now I can be proud of being in the book! ?
The book that I’m speaking about is Global Game Jam Stories.

Back in 2017, I’ve heard an announcement about collecting stories and pictures from Global Game Jams all over the world. I couldn’t miss that opportunity to share my story with the rest of the globe. ?

My story and stories of other people were published in the book Global Game Jam Stories.
You can find there a collection of many exciting and uplifting stories related to the Global Game Jam and its participants, and it was made to celebrate GGJ turning 10 years old! ?

What is so special about it?

What is so special about this book? It was made by the community of people that participate in many of the GGJ sites spread around the world. And these people shared their stories, where it started, what was their experience, how they can travel the world to other GGJ sites, or how these game jams helped them start game studios!

Global Game Jam themes over the years.

You can also find all 10 themes for Global Game Jams between 2009 and 2018. Of course, this book doesn’t include 2019 as it was published last year, but you can still see stats for each year, and see how much GGJ had grown over these years.

Can you imagine that in the first edition there were only 53 sites across 23 counties? This year, 2019, there were 860 sites in 113 counties around the globe! And each year those numbers are growing! ?

But GGJ 2015 was special for me, as this was the first time we organized our GGJ site in Lublin! We called it LubJam!

Jammers from LubJam 2015
Jammers at LubJam 2015

My story that you can find in the book is about how we organized our first LubJam. And I have to say that the theme for 2015 was ideally suited for it!

“What do we do now?” ❤️

But it wasn’t our only edition of LubJam! Each year we are organizing our little site in Lublin to encourage people to see how games are made and to make games ourselves!

So if you feel inspired and you want to participate in the upcoming Global Game Jam 2020, you can do it between January 31. – February 2. at your local site, or if you feel adventurous, come to us! To our little city of Lublin! ?

Make games, not war!

I hope you liked this little book review as I never had a chance to do one. ?

If you are interested in buying one, they are available on the Global Game Jam site. The proceeds of the sale of this book go directly to Global Game Jam to support global game-making community! ❤️

Hope to see you soon for more game making posts!

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Gunnar Clovis
Gunnar Clovis
4 years ago

That’s awesome, Patryk, congratulations!

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