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You could see that I posted a few ECS posts lately. That is a new thing for every Unity Developer, and it takes some time to learn all about it. ?

I’m currently diving into Burst Compiler and Job System in Unity for upcoming posts, so I thought that I could ask you one thing in the meantime.

So far, I was writing about things that I found interesting, but maybe you are looking for something different. Perhaps it’s something that you have a hard time understanding, or no one explained it to you, or maybe there is something that you always wanted to learn about?

There are some many available options that I decided to ask you to tell me what you are looking for?

For that reason, I’ve made this simple form that you can fill in with the ideas that you have. ❤️

I will really appreciate every entry. ?

Throw as many ideas as you have. You can even propose the whole post series!
Enter your email if you want to be notified and join the newsletter.

In the future, I might make this something regular and maybe even add voting for upcoming series!

Before it happens, you can join the newsletter to get notified about future content!

See you next time! ?

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