Expand Reality Around You

From time to time, I have an opportunity to speak about making games or experiences. This time I wanted to talk about Augmented Reality – AR in short.

AR always was present in my career. Sometimes it was a simple project that I had to build over a few days, some other times AR was the core of a business where I worked.

But I never thought more in-depth about that technology. Until I had to prepare for the presentation “Expand Reality Around You“.

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Cutting Shapes – Texture – Part 2

Last time we were cutting shapes in meshes, but the performance of it was mediocre at best, and let’s not start on limitations of it. This time we will check how we can do it by using textures.

My guess here is that by making cuts in texture, we will get better performance. I also hope results that we will be able to present using texture rather than mesh cutting will be better as well.

But that’s a theory, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s check it!

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