Schedule Changes!

Can you imagine that I published over 70 posts on this blog in a little over eight months?! ?

That’s the real achievement for me! ?

But the end of the year is always a little bit busier time…

Because of a few reasons, I need to change my blog schedule for some time. ?

It’s hard to make two new posts a week, especially when one can take up to three days to make! That’s a lot of time… ?

So, from now, I will post once every other Monday. This will give me enough room to write and do some other things.

What other things?

Shhhhh… It’s still a secret! But you’ll know really soon! And I can’t wait until I would share all of that with the world! ?????

Besides that, I will be speaking at Lubelski Wzór 2019, so I also need time to prepare! ?

Sometimes, I wish that I wouldn’t do so many things, but I can’t… ?

I hope you understand! ❤️

In the meantime, you can read my latest series on productivity and web development! ?

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