Cutting Shapes – Texture – Part 2

Last time we were cutting shapes in meshes, but the performance of it was mediocre at best, and let’s not start on limitations of it. This time we will check how we can do it by using textures.

My guess here is that by making cuts in texture, we will get better performance. I also hope results that we will be able to present using texture rather than mesh cutting will be better as well.

But that’s a theory, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s check it!

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Procedural Terrain Generation – Texture – Part 4

In previous posts, we generated a plane, added noise and noise layers to it. Now, it’s time to add texture to our terrain finally! ?

If you haven’t seen previous posts, I would recommend doing so, as the content of this post is based on them.

Do you remember that we added UV to our terrain mesh? We did it in the first post on plane generation. Thanks to that, we don’t need to worry about it now. But to remind ourself which part is responsible for assigning UV to our mesh, let’s put it here.

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