Custom ScriptableWizard in Unity

When I was approaching making “Replace Tool for Level Designers” I encounter ScriptableWizard. I didn’t know that such a thing existed in Unity! ?

It got me curious as I was planning to make that tool using regular Custom Editor Window, but all of a sudden, there was space to try something new! Unfortunately, I didn’t use ScriptableWizard as it wasn’t suited for what I wanted.

But I think it’s time to revisit it and learn more about it!

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Asset Preview Grid for Unity

Some time ago, I was a little bit irritated that after I received a new package of 3D models, I had to place them manually on the scene to preview them. So why don’t we build a little script that will do it for us? ?

I’m a lazy guy, and I always try to find a way that will make my life easier. After I get a few packages, I decided that I don’t want to move them manually anymore! It was horrible, and I needed to find a medicine for my pain. ?

Luckily, having programming skills is priceless in game development. So it was time to build a simple but relieving solution. ?‍?

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