Am I Quitting?!

I hope you like my content so far. I have a blast making it, and it’s a great way to document some cool programming concepts. ?

That’s why I wanted to get back to writing blog and collecting some useful resources in my public repository, which you can also check! ?

I’m planning to add a few more things to my blog, but I will require some time to sort that out. Besides, this blog is not the only thing that I’m working on currently, so I won’t be able to stretch myself to do all of it at the same time. ?

With that said, I’m going to take a 2-week break from posting new content here and on my social media profiles. I think it will be enough time to do all of the things here and prepare some fresh content for you! ❤️

In the meantime, you have over 30 posts and 20 repositories to go through!

See you all back on June 24th! ?

Moving from Blogger

Years and years ago when I got my first gamedev job at Pixel Frog, I’ve decided that I want to share with the world what I was learning and what I found interesting in making games!

Humble beginnings

Well, I wasn’t confident about what I was doing back then, but I’ve made my little steps to create a little place where I could share some of my knowledge.
That place was called “Be Creative! Be a Game Developer!” and it’s still available at

To this day I love this slogan! ❤️

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