Custom ScriptableWizard in Unity

When I was approaching making “Replace Tool for Level Designers” I encounter ScriptableWizard. I didn’t know that such a thing existed in Unity! ?

It got me curious as I was planning to make that tool using regular Custom Editor Window, but all of a sudden, there was space to try something new! Unfortunately, I didn’t use ScriptableWizard as it wasn’t suited for what I wanted.

But I think it’s time to revisit it and learn more about it!

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Creating Replace Tool in Unity for Level Designers

Do you wish you could make a level with simple cubes and later replace them all with some other object with one click? This is what we are going to create today!

A long time ago, I created posts about the basics of creating extensions for the editor. I’m not going to cover that topic here, so go ahead and check the post about creating custom editor windows. ?

This post will cover creating tool window, gathering of selected objects on the scene, and using Unity’s Undo class. ?‍?

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Basics of Scriptable Objects in Unity

Today we will tackle something easier as the subject of Scriptable Objects in Unity is fairly straightforward. What is so cool about them is that you can throw so much different thing in them!

What Scriptable Object is?

According to the definition provided by Unity, Scriptable Object is a data container that let you save a lot of data and reduce memory usage. You can create them from code or by making new instances in the project view.

Creating Scriptable Object

Thanks to that you can easily create a lot of different representation of data, for example, inventory items, skills, game modes and more.

Using Scriptable Objects as items

The sky is the limit as they say ?

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