Custom Inspector in Unity

Building a big project within a small team often requires building some shortcuts. One of them could be a custom inspector. Let’s find out how to make them in Unity!

Building a custom inspector is easy in Unity. You need to follow this 200-step instru… No, just kidding. ?

But in actual fact, it’s very easy!

The only thing that you need to do is to create an editor script for the component that you want to customize. And besides that, you also need to understand how Unity’s old GUI system works.

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Basics of Scriptable Objects in Unity

Today we will tackle something easier as the subject of Scriptable Objects in Unity is fairly straightforward. What is so cool about them is that you can throw so much different thing in them!

What Scriptable Object is?

According to the definition provided by Unity, Scriptable Object is a data container that let you save a lot of data and reduce memory usage. You can create them from code or by making new instances in the project view.

Creating Scriptable Object

Thanks to that you can easily create a lot of different representation of data, for example, inventory items, skills, game modes and more.

Using Scriptable Objects as items

The sky is the limit as they say ?

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Building AR game with AR Foundation in Unity

Updated on Sep. 2019 – Updating examples to AR Foundation 2.0+

I ❤️ Unity for what they are doing for the game industry. With the introduction of ARKit for iOS and ARCode for Android, it was just a matter of time when Unity would unify both technologies under one thing. And I was right!

Introducing AR Foundation in Unity! ?

On last GDC they presented a great demo of what AR is currently capable of. And if you are hyped about this tech as I am, you might ask how you can build that?

In the beginning, I was a little bit skeptical if it will work as it’s still in preview, but with building my little project, I found out that it’s much simpler than anything else! ?

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Data Serialization in Unity (JSON friendly)

As programming is all about what you are doing with data, I thought that it would be a good idea to speak about data serialization in Unity. Especially that now we can turn data objects into JSON with JsonUtility! ❤️

What is so special about that?

Data serialization is essential for games for a variety of reasons. Saving and loading player progress or saves, sending and receiving data from a server, and in general converting data to and from a text or files. ?

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