Enable Git LFS for a Unity project

Enable Git LFS for a Unity project

Creating a game requires a lot of assets – 3d models, sounds, texture, etc., which Git wasn’t meant to handle. But there is a solution to this problem – Git LFS!

Git Large File Storage was created to handle large files, as the name implies. This extension is great for storing all sorts of assets like 3d models, textures, sounds, etc.

Thanks to LFS, changing those files won’t negatively impact your repository size!

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How to set up a git repository for a Unity project?

Do you keep backups of your project? Do you work solo or in a team? Well, in either of the cases, you should use consider using a repository!

The most popular type of repository is a git repository. The main feature of git is that it’s decentralized, which means that each of the contributors and server has its own copy of the whole repository. This minimizes the risk of losing progress in case of some disaster, as long as one copy survives.

So how can I set up the git repository for my project?

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Animated Character 2D in Unity (Part 2)

Animated Character 2D in Unity (Part 2)

When you are attempting to build a 2D platform game, one of the most important elements will help me a character movement. So in this post, I will show you how to make a simple animated character in Unity.

That character will have an idle animation, walking, and running animations, and jumping and falling down animations.

I will be using a few assets make by Kenney so buckle up!

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