Global Game Jam Stories and Me

Yes! I finally got it! So now I can be proud of being in the book! 😎
The book that I’m speaking about is Global Game Jam Stories.

Back in 2017, I’ve heard an announcement about collecting stories and pictures from Global Game Jams all over the world. I couldn’t miss that opportunity to share my story with the rest of the globe. πŸ”₯

My story and stories of other people were published in the book Global Game Jam Stories.
You can find there a collection of many exciting and uplifting stories related to the Global Game Jam and its participants, and it was made to celebrate GGJ turning 10 years old! πŸ₯³

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First place at Las Vegas Summer Game Jam 2018

A week after landing in Las Vegas for a little longer stay I had a chance to participate in Las Vegas Summer Game Jam 2018. I wasn’t expecting much from it as I was entirely new in a city, but it was a great chance to meet new people!

Las Vegas Summer Game Jam Cover

Game jam took place on the weekend 25-26 August 2018 at Work In Progress.
In addition to a game jam, there was a part for newcomers to take workshops on game making in a lot of interesting subjects. But I came there to make games… 😜 Continue reading “First place at Las Vegas Summer Game Jam 2018”

LubJam – Global Game Jam in Lublin

“How crazy it will be to host the Global Game Jam site? ” – someone said back in late 2014. That was enough to make it happened! Starting from our first edition in 2015, Foundation Lublin GameDev is hosting Global Game Jam site in Lublin which is called “LubJam”.

From the beginning of it, attendees created over 50 games! And all of them are available at the Global Game Jam website!

LubJam 2019

Video: coming soon

LubJam 2019 Attendees

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