Using Debugger in Visual Studio with Unity

One of the most important things in programming and only second to using Google is knowledge about debugging your code! Surprisingly not many people know how to do it, so let me show you! This will be an example of how to use Visual Studio for that purpose.

What debugging is?

Debugging is a process of finding errors or bugs in the code. There is a lot of different approaches to doing it. Some involve printing a lot of console logs, and others require you to track which code is executed.

Depending on which way you prefer to work, you might need an IDE that has a debugger. Visual Studio has great integration with Unity[link?], so as long as you are using it, you don’t need to worry about it. If you are using something else, you should double check that.

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Am I Quitting?!

I hope you like my content so far. I have a blast making it, and it’s a great way to document some cool programming concepts. ?

That’s why I wanted to get back to writing blog and collecting some useful resources in my public repository, which you can also check! ?

I’m planning to add a few more things to my blog, but I will require some time to sort that out. Besides, this blog is not the only thing that I’m working on currently, so I won’t be able to stretch myself to do all of it at the same time. ?

With that said, I’m going to take a 2-week break from posting new content here and on my social media profiles. I think it will be enough time to do all of the things here and prepare some fresh content for you! ❤️

In the meantime, you have over 30 posts and 20 repositories to go through!

See you all back on June 24th! ?

Undo and Redo in Unity

Redo and Undo action is everywhere, but how it’s done? In most cases, developers use the Command Design Pattern which we implemented in Unity last time. So how can we extend it with undo and redo action? Let’s find out! ?

Because we did a lot in the last post about the Command Design Pattern, we will use it as our base. If you didn’t see it yet, it’s a great time to do so! I can wait. ?

Ready? So let’s get into that!

There is a lot of places where undo and redo action can come handy. Maybe it’s not that popular in games, but almost every app has it!

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Implementing Command Design Pattern in Unity

Let’s get back to the design patterns for Unity!
Today let’s introduce Command Design Pattern! This design pattern is famous for its encapsulation of requests, which can be useful for many applications and often is used for handling user input, but it’s not the only use case.

Command Design Pattern

The idea behind this design pattern is to move requests to the objects which could be collected and be executed in the queue. You can think about them like Actions or Events but represented as objects.

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