Diary of a Game Jam Survivor at IGDA Las Vegas

There are countless game jams opened to join in a moment you are reading this sentence. There is also a lot of people taking part in them.
What is most important in this type of events is that you have very limited time to create a game and submit it. This is great because as a game developer you always try to make something perfect. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this might lead to a never-ending development process.
So to make sure that you will make a game there are limits on time for game jams. They can be spread from a few hours to even a few weeks!

But to attend them, you have to prepare yourself for it!
And I made a presentation on exactly that subject on IGDA Las Vegas Meetup!

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

LubJam – Global Game Jam in Lublin

“How crazy it will be to host the Global Game Jam site? ” – someone said back in late 2014. That was enough to make it happened! Starting from our first edition in 2015, Foundation Lublin GameDev is hosting Global Game Jam site in Lublin which is called “LubJam”.

From the beginning of it, attendees created over 50 games! And all of them are available at the Global Game Jam website!

LubJam 2019

Link: https://globalgamejam.org/2019/jam-sites/lubjam-2019
Video: coming soon

LubJam 2019 Attendees

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Foundation Lublin GameDev

Foundation was created two years after Lublin GameDev group started. It continues doing things that the group began and expanded with new initiatives.

Founders of Lublin GameDev

Of course in the very core of Lublin GameDev community are still people and casual meetings. But besides that Foundation continues to organize Lublin GameDev Barcamps, GameDev Workshops, LubJams to encourage people to reach out for greatness in games that they are doing.

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