Expand Reality Around You

From time to time, I have an opportunity to speak about making games or experiences. This time I wanted to talk about Augmented Reality – AR in short.

AR always was present in my career. Sometimes it was a simple project that I had to build over a few days, some other times AR was the core of a business where I worked.

But I never thought more in-depth about that technology. Until I had to prepare for the presentation “Expand Reality Around You“.

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Diary of a Game Jam Survivor at IGDA Las Vegas

There are countless game jams opened to join in a moment you are reading this sentence. There is also a lot of people taking part in them.
What is most important in this type of events is that you have very limited time to create a game and submit it. This is great because as a game developer you always try to make something perfect. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this might lead to a never-ending development process.
So to make sure that you will make a game there are limits on time for game jams. They can be spread from a few hours to even a few weeks!

But to attend them, you have to prepare yourself for it!
And I made a presentation on exactly that subject on IGDA Las Vegas Meetup!

I hope you’ll enjoy it!