Design Patterns in Unity

You might already notice that I wrote a lot about design patterns and examples of use for them in Unity. I am genuinely interested in writing clean code and designing project architecture. This brings me huge enjoyment and satisfaction, especially when the team is following project guidelines and everything looks so perfect. ?

Being a programmer means that you need to improve your skills constantly. So today let’s summarize things that I wrote on this blog so far in term of Design Patterns! ?

What is Design Pattern?

The first thing that you need to understand is what “design pattern” means. So design pattern stands for a programming concept which solves conceptual problems. It can be related to creating new objects, making the code more independent or modular, or even split your project into different layers of responsibility.

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How to implement Object Pooling in Unity

Object pooling is one of the easiest forms of optimization in Unity. Just recently we implemented the Factory Design Pattern which is related to today’s subject.

Object Pooling?

Let’s begin by explaining what Object Pooling is. So this is an optimization practice which is based on instance reusability. In Factory, we created a new instance of prefab, and later we destroyed it which is not an issue when we want to create just a few instances.

Problems start arriving when we create a lot of new instances, for example when shooting bullets from a gun, or we spawn a lot of special effects.

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