Custom Window in Unity

Continuing subject of building tools in Unity, today we are going to build custom window in Unity Editor. If you’ve missed the last post about building a custom component inspector, I would recommend checking it first. ?

To build custom tools in Unity, we have to prepare a custom window in Editor. We can achieve that by using the EditorWindow class.

Like with a custom inspector for components, and here we have to use the old GUI system. There is just one difference between building inspector and window. In inspector, we were using OnInspectorGUI() method and we could use DrawDefaultInspector() to draw component’s properties. In the window, we don’t have such luxury, but we have OnGUI() which works in the same way.

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Custom Inspector in Unity

Building a big project within a small team often requires building some shortcuts. One of them could be a custom inspector. Let’s find out how to make them in Unity!

Building a custom inspector is easy in Unity. You need to follow this 200-step instru… No, just kidding. ?

But in actual fact, it’s very easy!

The only thing that you need to do is to create an editor script for the component that you want to customize. And besides that, you also need to understand how Unity’s old GUI system works.

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