Creating Replace Tool in Unity for Level Designers

Do you wish you could make a level with simple cubes and later replace them all with some other object with one click? This is what we are going to create today!

A long time ago, I created posts about the basics of creating extensions for the editor. I’m not going to cover that topic here, so go ahead and check the post about creating custom editor windows. ?

This post will cover creating tool window, gathering of selected objects on the scene, and using Unity’s Undo class. ?‍?

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Undo and Redo in Unity

Redo and Undo action is everywhere, but how it’s done? In most cases, developers use the Command Design Pattern which we implemented in Unity last time. So how can we extend it with undo and redo action? Let’s find out! ?

Because we did a lot in the last post about the Command Design Pattern, we will use it as our base. If you didn’t see it yet, it’s a great time to do so! I can wait. ?

Ready? So let’s get into that!

There is a lot of places where undo and redo action can come handy. Maybe it’s not that popular in games, but almost every app has it!

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