Stop overusing GetComponents!

Recently, I see too many YouTube videos, tutorials, and questions in Unity groups where people are overusing GetComponent methods in their code. Time to talk about why you shouldn’t use it! Or at least use it sparingly.

Why am I bothering about that? Because I’m doing code reviews, and I just had enough of it. ?

YouTubers, tutors, Unity, and other content creators – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING PEOPLE DO BAD THINGS!

Now let’s try to fix it. ?

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Enable Git LFS for a Unity project

Creating a game requires a lot of assets – 3d models, sounds, texture, etc., which Git wasn’t meant to handle. But there is a solution to this problem – Git LFS!

Git Large File Storage was created to handle large files, as the name implies. This extension is great for storing all sorts of assets like 3d models, textures, sounds, etc.

Thanks to LFS, changing those files won’t negatively impact your repository size!

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