Foundation Lublin GameDev

Foundation was created two years after Lublin GameDev group started. It continues doing things that the group began and expanded with new initiatives.

Founders of Lublin GameDev

Of course in the very core of Lublin GameDev community are still people and casual meetings. But besides that Foundation continues to organize Lublin GameDev Barcamps, GameDev Workshops, LubJams to encourage people to reach out for greatness in games that they are doing.

Presentation with Patryk

Foundation also tries to be visible to people living both in Lublin as in Poland by attending local and national events. Members of Lublin GameDev community are attending conferences like Digital Dragons in Cracow, Game Industry Conference in Poznan and create games on game jams all over Poland and now even the world!


What is also worth mentioning is that the Foundation had a chance to prepare and implement with organizers of WordCamp Lublin gamification of conference attendees in the form of the game “Łap Wapuu” (eng. Catch Wapuu).

Łap Wapuu (Catch Wapuu)

And there is so many more of these activities that who can count them all, right? But for sure you can expect more and newer things our biggest little Lublin GameDev community!

LubJam 2019 Attendees
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