I’m back!

Hey! Did you miss me? ?
I’m back! And I have a few updates for you! ?

Privacy Policy

Let’s start with the boring stuff. Because I wanted to add a few things, I had to update the Privacy Policy.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but all are related to the things from this post. ?


The blog schedule is staying the same. So new content every Monday and Thursday. However, I’m going to split it a little bit.

On Monday you can expect a new technical post on introductions to new things or how to implement or create something. Basically, what I was already doing for the most part. ?

On Thursday I’m going to post something easier to digest. For example: elaborate on some implementation, finding new examples, or sharing some tips or trick in Unity.


You might already notice popup or bar where you can sign up for the newsletter, and yes, I’ve added that recently! If you want to join it, go ahead!

Currently, I’m only going to send you a notification about new content on my blog, but in the future, I might ask you to help me with some ideas. ?


The biggest updates of them all! For which I was waiting for! Comment section!

So we can finally exchange some opinions on this blog! I’m hyped about it! ?


So why these weren’t a thing before? 2 words – Privacy Policy.

Because of the GDPR, I need to list all the things that I’m doing with YOUR data on my website. Without it, I could get penalties, so I decided that I would temporarily disable comments on all of my posts and I won’t add the newsletter. With that, I didn’t have to add a few sections to the Privacy Policy.

But I decided that this is the time to change it! And I did just that. I’ve finally added comments and newsletter to the Privacy Policy (which I’m recommending to read!).

With all of these things out of the way, now we can get back to the blogging again!

See you on Thursday! ❤️

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