Welcome to the AR era!

Recent weeks were crazy for me, and I’ll have some cool news for you soon! I also had a chance to speak about AR at Lubelski Wzór 2019!

That was the first time I spoke as part of the RealityUnit, but I’ll tell you more about that next time!

This time, I wanted to share my presentation from Lubelski Wzór 2019 – “Welcome in the AR era”!

The idea ?

Not so long ago, I had an opportunity to speak about Expanding Reality Around You. I talked about a brief AR history, what made AR popular recently, and how you would create AR experience yourself.

So the obvious choice for the next presentation would be to speak about current and some future applications for businesses and consumers especially, as we are being surrounded by AR elements in our world.

At this point and time, I think it is important to educate people on what AR is and what can it do.

AR Tech ??

But in the beginning, we have to understand that access to this technology has anyone with the smartphone. You don’t have to buy an expensive computer with special goggles, although AR/MR glasses are also available! Maybe not for everyone, but I hope this will change soon! ?

AR market is growing with new and more powerful devices available to the consumers.

In 2018 it was worth almost $6 billion, but in upcoming years this market is expected to raise its’ value to nearly $200 billion in 2025.

It would be fun to see if this prediction were correct. ?

So I think it’s a good idea to at least understand how to build AR apps and games. I have a post about how to use ARFoundation in Unity, so you can check it out!

Examples ?

We also have some cool AR examples to show how AR works!

Building and destroying castles.
Creating AR parks.
Finding doors to the AR dimensions.

And of course, we can do so much more with it. ?

Slides ?

So that would be my presentation in short for Lubelski Wzór 2019!

You can see slides below, or you can find them at SlideShare!

** This presentation is available only in the Polish language **

Let me know what you think about AR and what will happen with that technology in the future in the comment section below!

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And I hope to see you next time! ?

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