History of Lublin GameDev Group

First Lublin GameDev cover
First Lublin GameDev cover

It all started back in 2013 on the way to Digital Dragons in Cracow as we had this crazy idea to create gamedev community in Lublin so we don’t need to drive to other cities to meet new people. And back then Lublin was the only city in Poland that had a pub with consoles which was and still is named Padbar. So couldn’t ask for more. ?

Picture from early meetings
Picture from early meetings

We made the decision, and our very first meeting was on 22 May 2013. After that, we had a few more meetings, and our newly created community started to grow. The same year we held our next very first event: gamedev workshops where we taught how to make games!

Building games is fun!

We had so much eagerness to make things happened that we even get to make games for the biggest cultural event in Lublin which still is Night of the Culture.

My game from first Night of The Culture

Of course, in the meantime, we did also do some other appearance on multiple conferences and student groups around Lublin to spread the words about making games. We even started hosting our barcamps to promote an exchange of knowledge and learning through our community.

Presentation on stage of Check IT
Presentation on stage of Check IT

Was it enough for Lublin GameDev community? Of course not! ?
On one of our meetings someone throws another wild idea: “Let’s host a global game jam in Lublin!” ? At first, we didn’t even know where to start with it, how to call it, or where to host it. But as you have to do it, you also need to figure things out as you go. ?

And first LubJam happened on 23rd January 2015. ❤️

Jammers from LubJam 2015
Jammers from LubJam 2015

This event was a signal for us to transform our group into something more official, into a foundation. With little help of our friends around Lublin within a few months, we have prepared all the necessary documents to create Lublin GameDev Foundation. With a little waiting foundation began operating on 11th June 2015 ?

Founders of Lublin GameDev

From the very beginning, we always strive to make some more cool things and travel around Poland to spread the word that even in Lublin there are people with a passion for making games.

Lublin GameDev integration
Lublin GameDev integration
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