Using SMART goals to boost your productivity

Do you know how to set SMART goals for yourself?

In previous posts, we talked about the Pomodoro Technique and why we want to be productive. I mention there also setting SMART goals, which helped me tremendously.

But what are these SMART goals you might ask?

SMART goals ?

Setting SMART goals is one of the techniques for managing performance. It’s really simple, but it requires a little bit of practice.

When you sit down to set your upcoming tasks or goals, you have to remember to set them in the SMART way.

SMART stands for:






So let’s dive a little bit into what each of them means and how they help you.


By setting a specific task or goal, you are more likely to accomplish them. You shouldn’t put something vague on your TODO list like “I want to do X, Y, and Z”.

You should spend a little bit more time to split them and describe each of them with a specific goal in mind.

Example: “I will sit down in front of my computer to write my new blog post”.


You should be able to measure how good you are in finishing that goal. Again, making a goal specific helps you a lot!

Example: “I will sit down in front of my computer to write 5 paragraphs for my new blog post”.


Goals should be achievable, and you should know that you can do them (or know where to find knowledge about how to do them). Don’t make impossible goals, like “I’ll learn to fly” unless you are Superman or a ghost… ?

Example: “I will jump from the plane with parachute and land gently on the ground”. Crazy, but you can do that.


Your goals should be realistic, so think if you have resources available to you to accomplish these goals. Mostly you will need time, but depending on your schedule, you might not have enough of it. Remember that.

Example: “I’ll spend 3 hours preparing for my upcoming speak”.


And the last one, goals have to have deadlines! We all have deadlines, but they make us more productive. That’s a fact!

So when you make a new goal, remember to put a date on it.

Example: “On Saturday evening, I’ll sit to make a plan for the upcoming week”.

How I’m doing it? ?

I don’t know if you already see some benefits here, but from my experience, these SMART goals keep me moving forward with my work.

The best way to make them work is to make them always visible, and I believe that simpler is better here.

I’m using Sticker app on my Mac, which is preinstalled, and I’m keeping it open.

My SMART sticker format

I’m also using them as a week planer, so I know when and what I have to do. It works great for me.

After finishing all tasks for the given day, I have the satisfaction of removing the whole day from the planer. ?

If you want to start with the same format, just copy it.



S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time-related



~ Monday

- on Monday morning I will…

~ Tuesday

- on Tuesday I will…

~ Wednesday

- on Wednesday I will…

~ Thursday

- on Thursday I will…

~ Friday

- on Friday I will…

~ Saturday

- on Saturday evening I will make a plan for the next week.

~ Sunday

- on Sunday I will…

So, did you use something else to help you be more productive? Let me know in the comment section below!

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And I hope to see you next time! ?

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