How I landed my first job as Unity Developer

There is a lot of young people wanting to get into the game industry. Maybe even you are one of them! I was! And like everyone else I needed to start somewhere!

Who cares about finals? 😅

Back in 2012, when I was in the last class in high school, I should have to prepare for finals, but I had something completely different in my mind. 😵

Night Of The Culture 2014
Night Of The Culture 2014 – Lublin Poland

That thing was “making games”. It was occupying my brain so much that after coming back home from school, I was looking around on the web for any available information about game engines. I was obsessed about that, and I bookmarked over 15 of game engines, and probably over 80 articles related to making games or game engines. But I had a problem. I found so many information that I couldn’t decide which one I want to use! 🙄

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Moving from Blogger

Years and years ago when I got my first gamedev job at Pixel Frog, I’ve decided that I want to share with the world what I was learning and what I found interesting in making games!

Humble beginnings

Well, I wasn’t confident about what I was doing back then, but I’ve made my little steps to create a little place where I could share some of my knowledge.
That place was called “Be Creative! Be a Game Developer!” and it’s still available at

To this day I love this slogan! ❤️

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