Moving from Blogger

Years and years ago when I got my first gamedev job at Pixel Frog, I’ve decided that I want to share with the world what I was learning and what I found interesting in making games!

Humble beginnings

Well, I wasn’t confident about what I was doing back then, but I’ve made my little steps to create a little place where I could share some of my knowledge.
That place was called “Be Creative! Be a Game Developer!” and it’s still available at

To this day I love this slogan! ❤️

I was documenting my progress as a game developer and what is the best way to learn something? The answer to this should be obvious – try to teach it!
That was always my way of learning. And believe me, it was really effective.
But the best part of it was that I was able to send people that were asking me about something to blog where I describe their problem, or I’ve explained how to use a certain feature.

I’ve even caught myself in need of things that I wrote on my blog, so it was also helpful for me ?

Unfortunately somewhere in time where I was changing jobs, I couldn’t find a time to sit and write about anything new, and you can see it on the archive.

When I’m looking at it now, I might feel sad that I abandoned that blog, but I saw that people still find knowledge hidden there, so I’m happy with that! ?

But… If you are already here, you might be asking what I’m going to do about it? And what this page will be all about?

Great question! Let me explain!

So first of all, I wanted to have again some place to express myself on the web.
I’ve tried with YouTube, and maybe I get back to it but making videos consumes a lot of time. No, I’m not complaining, but I’m already doing a lot of things, and this form will work for me better for now.

Second, I’m not going to delete or remove content from the Blogger platform. I want to remind myself where I come from and how silly I was. ?
However, you might see some of the old content rewritten to new standards. Technology is moving forward, but some problems stay the same. ?

Third, I’ve learned a lot through all these years, and I want to share my knowledge again with the world! Because of nothing annoys me more than terrible code and lack of code architecture. Believe me, I would cut your fingers for writing bad code. ?

And last, with a little bit more experience I need to be little more professional, so that’s why I created this site. But who said I couldn’t enjoy playing on it and messing around with it? Noone! Because of the time of writing they are still disabled! ? I might change it soon, but first I would need to update Privacy Policy with more of GDPR things. ?

With all that said I hope that you will find amusement in content which you will find here! ?

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