Pixelated Ground in Unity Shader Graph

The other day I made a simple pixelated shader with Unity Shader Graph. That was a great start to make something new with that knowledge.

Often in games, especially with pixel art, they have this cool pixelated ground. Do you think that they painted it by hand? Who has so much time? πŸ˜…

That’s why I’ll show you how to do it with two colors and a simple noise!

Create a graph πŸ“Š

To start, let’s make a new shader graph and name it “Pixelated Ground Graph”. I’ll use the Unlit Graph.

Create a new shader graph.

Great! Now let’s open it and…

Make some NOISE! πŸ”Š

We should begin by creating two color properties for our graph. Those will be primary and secondary colors of the ground.

Create color properties.

Now let’s lerp between those colors by using Gradient Noise node.

Simple lerp between our colors.

We already have some cool effects on our quad, but we can make it pixelated!

Give it a little pixel spice πŸ§‚

I wrote about how to make pixelated effect with shader graph already.

So if you’re curious, go and read it! πŸ€“

Otherwise, let’s go forward with our pixel effect. We can simply attach a pixelated effect to the UV input in the Gradient Noise node.

Pixelate noice.

Result πŸ†

And this is our result!

Pixelated ground!

What do you think about this simple shader? Let me know in the comment section below! 🀩

If you know someone that might need this, share it with him! I would really appreciate that! πŸ₯°

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The whole project is available at my public repository. πŸ”—

Hope to see you next time! πŸ€“

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