Summarizing 2020

2020 is over! We did it! We’ve survived! ?

I think no one expected a pandemic to hit the whole world year ago. But it happened, and a lot of things have changed. ?

So how was that year for me? Did I kept my promises for 2020?

How have you been through 2020?

2020 was a little bit crazy for me. I had big hopes for that year, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Reality Unit – a new chapter in my life

In January we officially registered Reality Unit as a company. We did it to legitemize our new venture into the business.

In the same month, we went to ISPO Munich to get some clients for our AR platform. Everything was going great. Of course, everything changed a month after as clients started to lose their business due to Poland’s upcoming restrictions… ?

Patryk in Munich!

Time to pivot my friends!

With the introduction of new restrictions, we have to throw our original plan out of the window. It was also when we decided to make a small shift towards being a gamedev software house, which helped start our business. Games rocks! ?

Since then, we have had an opportunity to work on multiple interesting projects and grow our team a little bit. ?

I won’t brag too much about it here, but you can check a few of them in Reality Unit’s Blog!

Trigamic Tournament in VRChat

What about your original plans for 2020?

Plans for 2020?

So I wrote a little summary of my 2019 a year ago. I had some cool and maybe unrealistic goals. But that’s the purpose of plans! If we aim to land on Mars, but we only get to the Moon, it also a great achievement!

In short, my goals for 2020 were: Do 10 presentations
Post once a week
Publish my 100th post here
Have at least 4k readers in a month
and made 4 games/apps/sites

Did I hit all of them in 2020? No… Am I happy with that? YES!

Maybe I didn’t hit all of my goals, but I got much further than I was expecting with others!

What when great?


I started a year with a few cool opportunities to do presentations, but quickly it becomes something difficult. That didn’t stopped me and I was once in radio, once at Techni Schools, multiple times for Trigamic Tournament and a few more times here and there. This point I can mark as completed! ?

The 100th post was a big deal for me. In the past, I planned only to do a maximum of 10 pieces of something. But this blog was something different for me. I wanted to spread my knowledge and passion for games. I think I’m doing it here, and I have a lot of fun, especially when I can say: “there is that one blog where you can find that”. I love that! ?

The reader count of 4k I was able to hit right before summer in Poland. It was an amazing feeling knowing that so many people read my blog! Love you guys and gals! ?

Similarly, in the Reality Unit, we had a chance to help launch more than originally estimated 4 apps ?

What didn’t go that well?

The one thing I didn’t accomplish from that list was publishing a new post once a week. Unfortunately, running a business and doing projects and at the same time trying to continue to post here, was… Challenging. ?

I didn’t manage to do all posts for 2020. I barely manage to make over half of them, which is a little bummer for me… ?

As promised, I will donate 100pln for each missed post (2500pln in total) in 2020 to charities and foundations. I don’t know if I’ll post details about it in an upcoming post. Maybe as proof? We’ll see ?

Heads up for the future!

But overall, 2020 wasn’t that bad! Yeah, it’s something entirely different from what I was planning but, that’s life. Nothing is set in stone! ?

In the next post, I’ll present my plans for 2021. They may not be as ambitious as those for 2020, but let’s keep the tradition!

In the mean-time, “there is this blog where you can find some cool stuff“. ?

If you want to get notified about new posts, sign for my newsletter and send my blog to a friend! I would really appreciate that! ?

See you here next time! ?

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