Reality Unit – building a new business!

I already posted a few posts in which I mentioned a little thing called “Reality Unit“. So I think it’s time to elaborate on that a bit! ?

Do you want to know what’s that? What will it do? Or who is responsible for it?

Let me tell you about this whole thing! ?


For a long, long time, I wanted to start a company. I don’t know why nor when, but I just had this weird feeling that I need to do that. I felt it in my gut.

But in the beginning, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that without having any experience whatsoever. So I decided to find and take a few jobs over the years.

I left Lublin to work in Warsaw, Gdańsk, back in Warsaw, Szczecin, and Wrocław. I did that to learn how work in game dev looks like first hand.

A lot of driving

That gave me a little bit of courage to start working remotely from Lublin with people all over the world. ?

But I still had this itch that I slowly started to scratch.

First attempts ?‍♂️

My first attempts were to start doing freelancing. At first, I was a little bit too optimistic as there is a lot of portals with a contract. I quickly become overwhelmed by all of the things that I needed to fill to start looking for offers. It wasn’t as easy as I was thinking, and I got discouraged for a little bit of time.

The next attempts were based on finding investors and getting these sweet deals. I learned a lot about pitching and preparing presentations thanks to Reegan (love you bro ❤️), but stars weren’t aligned for us at that time. I also learned the greatest lesson of my life: if you don’t know how to do something, just learn it and do it. Oh, these were fun times… ?

But after pushing yourself too much, sometimes you have to take a break to have a fresh eye view on the world. You can read more about my struggles of last year in my summary.

New summer, new me?

As I was taking a break, I was approached by organizes of the Edge Experience Hackathon. We did together a little barcamp in Lublin on which I spoke about AR. That was to prepare people for attending the hackathon in Cracow for which we formed a team. We took the challenge, and we wanted to have fun there. Surprisingly we even won two prices there! You can learn more about it in my summary.

Before that event, I was already thinking of starting a company, but it was a vague idea. However, after coming back to Lublin, I was certain that this need to happen. Together with Peter and Matthew, we started chatting about how we can do it and how we should name it. After a long month, we finally came up with the name “Reality Unit” and the domain.

Reality Unit page

Next was to build a website, prepare documents, and to get a logo! All of these take time… But we happily launched the page in November 2019!

What is the plan? ?

Conquer the world and surroundings, of course! ??

Our plan for Reality Unit is to specialize in AR and VR using Unity, but we are not closing for other opportunities! ? Especially in the beginning! ?

We already have some demos in our hands on Reality Unit YouTube channel, and we are planning to make more.

AR book demo

Soon we will start popping up in some other places over the internet, but I don’t want to spoil it too early. ?

Interested? Contact Reality Unit! ?

So there you have it! If you are looking for people in AR and VR space, just send us an email or visit our Reality Unit page!

If you want to build something with Unity, you can contact us also! ?

Besides that, if you want to follow my blog posts, you can subscribe to my newsletter!

See you next time! ❤️

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