Using Unity Asset Packages

Often, when we are looking for packages of assets or solutions, they are packed into Asset Package. But maybe it is time to ask how to make your own package?

When you created something cool what is worth sharing, you want to find a way to do it. Of course, you can throw all the things into a ZIP file, but maybe there is a better way?

Problems ?

Packing models, textures, or scripts, you can’t assign their references, so each time you import them into the project, you have to link them together manually.

But don’t worry! There is always a better way to do things!

And that sentence is also true here.

Solution ?

Unity has some cool features, like Unity Packages! Have you heard about them?

If not, then, let me briefly explain what they are.

What Asset Package is? ?

Asset Packages are in some way similar to the zip files, as they can store other files inside them, but what makes them different is what else they store. Because Asset Packages are built for and from Unity projects, they store additional metadata with import settings and links to between assets.

This is especially great when we want to export all the settings from the scene to someone else. By using Asset Package, they can simply import the whole package and have everything set and ready to play!

How to export? ?

To export the whole or part of your project, you have to follow a few simple steps.

1. Open Assets > Export Package…

Looking for the Export Package window.

2. Select assets that you want to export.

Export window.

3. Click Export and enjoy your package!

Exported Asset Package file

How to import? ?

Importing assets through Asset Package is even easier!

1. Double click on the package file.

Double click on the file.

2. Select assets you want to import.

Import window.

3. Click Import and enjoy new assets in your project!

Imported elements in the project.

A little note ?

When importing Asset Package, you have to have Unity with a project opened. Unity will try to import assets to the last viewed window, so watch out what you are doing. ?

What do you think about Asset Packages? Let me know in the comment section below!

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And I hope to see you next time! ?

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