Guide to Web Development with Unity WebGL

Guide to Web Development with Unity WebGL

Would you like to learn a bit about Unity WebGL and how you can embed it on your page?

I wrote a few blog posts about this very subject, and I wanted to put all of them together so it would be easier to learn! ?

Ready for some Unity Web Development? ?

WebGL Template ?

How to create WebGL template for Unity

First, let’s start with something really simple, like creating your own WebGL build templates!

You need some experience with HTML, CSS, and JS to make most of it, but it’s not that hard to do.

To start, you will have to create a special folder inside your project, and then create another folder with the name of your template.

Then you have to create an HTML file in which Unity will be inserted. To learn more, feel welcomed to visit post about creating custom WebGL templates on my blog. ?

JS Plugin ?

Create your own JS plugin for Unity

The next step is to create a JS plugin for Unity WebGL. This allows you to make some interesting interactions!

Unity won’t let you execute JS code inside the C# component, so you have to use the JS plugin for that.

To create such a plugin, you have to understand and write JavaScript code. But that’s the only requirement.

You have to simply create .jslib file inside Plugins folder and have C# script to call JS functions from it.

There is a little bit more to it, but you can learn about it in my post about creating JS Plugin for Unity. ?

Communication between Unity and a page ?

Two-way communication between Unity and a page

The last one here but not least is two-way communication between Unity WebGL and JS on a page.

This one is a little bit more complex, as you have to write code on both sides: on the Unity side and on a page side.

Here, you need to know how to write a JS plugin, and after that, you have to write some code on your page to send messages back to Unity.

It’s tricky, but you can learn how to do it in my post about communicating between Unity WebGL and a page ?


As a game developer, you won’t make a lot of HTML pages, nor you integrate Unity with them.

This shouldn’t stop you from trying to learn new things, which could also be related to web development.

Other than that, you can always take a look into the mentioned posts or check my public repositories for some inspiration.

If you are interested in getting emails when I release a new post, sign up for the newsletter!

Hope to see you next time! ?

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3 years ago

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Kirupanandan J
Kirupanandan J
1 year ago

Hey, I have a few endpoints with POST and Get methods. I don’t want those API communications to be exposed on the webpage when we page source it. Can I write my API communication scripts in .jslib? or any other way I can hide that script from my build’s HTML file?

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